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Our pipe inventory includes a variety of shapes and styles. Our primary pipe lines are Savinelli, Peterson, Stanwell, Nording, Butz-Choquin, Chacom, Comoy, Rattray, Brindisi, Vauen and Servi. We will assist you in selecting the proper pipe to fit your preferences. If we don't have your choice in current stock, we invite you to browse our catalogs and select that special model that suits your own tastes. We will custom order any pipe that is not in stock and available. Orders are generally shipped within five business days. We also stock an assortment of pipe accessories, tobacco pouches, pipe tools, and ashtrays.

We stock an assortment of the very best rated tinned tobaccos. Our brands include GL Pease, Rattray's, Samuel Gawith, Dan Tobacco, Peterson, Dunhill, McClellland, Ashton, and others. We have sought out the very best, and most requested blends on the market, from smoky English blends to the sweet aromatics.

G.L. Pease McClelland Cornell & Diehl
Frog Morton
Frog Morton On The Town
Black Duck
Chelsea Morning
Frog Morton On The Bayou
Founding Fathers
Frog Morton Across The Pond
Black Frigate
Triple Play Frog Morton Cellar Reserve Captain Earle Mystic
221-B Arcadia
Captain Earle Night Watch
Charing Cross
221-B Honey Dew
Captain Earle Ten Russians
Quiet Nights 221-B Black Shag Three Kings
Dark Star
Deep Hollow
Tom Eltang English
Fillmore Blackwoods Flake Tom Eltang Virginia
Montgomery St. James Woods Autumn Evening
Barbary Coast British Woods  
Meridian Syrian Super Balkan
Two Friends
Laurel Heights Bombay Court Heritage
Picadilly Blue Mountain Celtic Mist
Jacknife Ready Rubbed Virginia #22 English Chocolate
Lagonda Virginia #25 Redwood
Sextant Oriental #1  
Gaslight Oriental #6 Samuel Gawith
Navigator Oriental #8 Perfection
  Oriental #12 Firedance
Rattray's Rose of Latakia 1792 Flake
Accountant's Mixture Classic Samsun
Skiff Mixture
Hal O' The Wynd Blue Mountain
Squadron Leader
High Society Tastemaster Captain Cool
Full Virginia Flake
Red Raparee Tastemaster Easy Street Commonwealth
Black Mallory Sovereign Grousemoor
Old Gowrie Boston 1776 Chocolate Flake
Marlin Flake Chocolate Silk Firedance
Professional Mixture Sophisticate St. James Flake
  Nocturne Westmoreland
Dan Tobacco Syrian Star  
Hamborger Veermaster   Ashton
Devil's Holiday   Artisan's Blend
Blue Note Wessex  
Black Velvet Campaign Brigade MacBaren
MIdnight Ride   Scottish Mixture
Malthouse Reserve Chonowitsch Ambrosia
Independence T17 Original Mixture
    J.F. Germaine
Dunhill Peterson The Balkan Sobranie (out of stock)
Early Morning Pipe University Flake  
Standard Sunset Breeze Other
Night Cap Irish Flake Davidoff Scottish Mixture
Mixture 965 Old Dublin Balkan Sasieni
London Mixture Irish Whiskey Escudo Navy Deluxe
Elizabethan Mixture Sweet Killarney Orlik Golden Sliced



We stock premium bulk tobaccos from Peter Stokkebye, Dunhill, Samuel Gawith, Lane Limited, and Altadis. These fine tobaccos are sold by the ounce. If you have a particular belnd or preference, we will be pleased to order it and add it to our inventory. Currently, our inventory of bulk tobaccos includes the following:



Proper English
Norwegian Blend
English Luxury
Devil Anse Stonewall Bahamian Rhapsody
Coco Creme Amsterdam Chocolate Covered Cherry
Oriental Supreme Buttered Rum Nougat
Vanilla Creme
Cherry Vanilla
Black Cordial
Irish Creme
Very Cherry
Vanilla Royale
Red Virginia
Black Truffle
Creme Brulee
Voodoo Queen
Country Melody
Almost Heaven
Royal Viking
Haunted Bookshop Peaches & Cream Champagne
Autumn Evening Fragrant Ribbon Virginia Burley & Black
Fisherman's Dream Black Coffee Black Cavendish
Early Morning Pipe
Balkan Supreme
Stoved Virginia





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